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Our passion at Morph Spaces Home Design is taking your vision from ideas to reality.  Inspired spaces do so much to enhance your living, as well as attract home buyers if you're staging.  We proudly serve the Grayslake, Gurnee, Lake Villa, Mundelein, Wadsworth, Libertyville, and surrounding areas.

our mission

Our mission at Morph Spaces Home Design is to help clients love their space and add value to their homes.  We are client focused.

About Me.

I have been re arranging rooms since I was eight years old.  I would drive my mother a little crazy with  constant "updates" of my bedroom.  When my husband bought his first townhouse, I loved the whole process of picking out the finishes- and a couple of years later we sold that place and rehabbed a little ranch house.  But I never knew until I was much older, that I wasn't the norm.  I just love design and real estate and re doing spaces!  So I decided to get certified in home staging and started my business in 2018.  5 years later- and I have staged and help sell over 250 homes.  Staging led me to  get my real estate license and last year my husband and I did our first whole home rehab/flip.  It was an awesome experience!  I love finding clever inexpensive ideas to mix into my clients designs that help an area's functionality.   No matter how small- it's important that your space reflects you and works for you!

Client Raves

Julia Andrews


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Every staging statistic supports the fact that when you bring in a professional home stager to stage your home to sell...you see huge returns on your investment! 

Easy Checklist

Using 8 Design-Steps in each room of your home, we work with you to fill out a detailed Staging Report during our Consultation.  We make your home shine using what you have!


We take the stress and  hard work out of preparing your home to sell and can even do it for you!  We also give you strategies for easy organization you can live with!

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Our client's love us!  In less than a few hours they have solutions that will help their home sell easily and for a lot more money.  Don't go it alone and waste time and money!

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